Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing Helps prevent water intrusion into the base material or subgrade causing failures in the asphalt if you have cracks .25 inch or larger it is recommended that your Crack seal prior to other asphalt treatment such as seal coating. Crack sealing Fills large cracks, keeps moisture out and stops further cracking. It is recommend sealing large cracks as soon as possible to prevent further cracking. We use top quality crack seal provided by Maxwell Products.

It is recommended you apply seal coat one year after a new installation and then every three to four years thereafter, to protect your investment. Any large cracks should be filled with crack seal before application of seal coat. Seal coat application is weather dependent and temperatures need to 50 degrees and rising for a proper cure. Product will be safe to drive on with no hard turns after 24 hours and will be fully cured in 48 hours. Crack seal can be applied in any temperature and cures within minutes; however surface has to be dry for crack seal to adhere.


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