Seal Coating

Asphalt seal coating is a liquid application that helps prevent the oxidation and breakdown of asphalt surfaces over time. Because asphalt pavement is a petroleum-based product, it will react with other petroleum-based products like gasoline and oil. When this occurs, the once rich-black surface will turn brown or gray and will start to crack and wear. This is because the waterproof, elastic properties of the asphalt are not maintained. As a result, the aggregate surface beneath will become damaged. Furthermore, this elasticity allows the pavement to expand and contract without experiencing structural breakdown. Asphalt seal coating helps to maintain these elastic properties and the overall integrity of the surface. We use Tuffcoat seal coat; a commercial grade sealer, specially formulated for Northern Utah's harsh climate. Seal coating prevents oxidation, fills asphalt surface gaps (spider cracks), prevents water penetration, restores luster and vital oils your asphalt needs.


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